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prince ondore

Hate in the Internet

Posted on 2009.08.10 at 20:41
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All of us of course at least hated something or someone. Whether it be a thought, the commercial on tv, your neighbor, your mother-in-law, the war, your shirt, your president, the economy or the speck of dust in your window. I think it’s normal to hate something in a certain degree but I wish some people should keep it for themselves especially if it is just a matter of preference, or if they can’t, they should at least be polite or discreet about it.

We are entitled to our opinion but sometimes we forget that being rude is not a way to address our thoughts. I’ve seen and heard people do and say nasty things to each other just because they have dissimilar tastes, like say, in movies or songs.

Why is there so much hate amplified? Especially in the internet. I’m just glad that most of the people who spend their time spreading hate are wimps in real life. ( I’ve seen people who talk big in the internet but are too shy in person.) Have you ever imagined if all the unfit things we think of happen in real life?

Hate incites anger. Anger is a human emotion that makes us uncontrolled and deaf to reasoning. It gives us the power to commit violence and hurt others. It also gives a reason for war to happen. I think anyone knows this. . . but I was just saying.

But truth be told that most people show their true colors in the anonymity of the internet. They spread their indifferent opinions about a topic or so, calling each other names. A small nonsensical joke becomes a topic of insults. Flaming becomes a form of hobby. Trolls can be seen here and there waiting for others to bite and fight. Some people are amused to see people spew hate words, cusses and curses. What’s wrong with you?

These are the reasons why we can’t have nice things.

I never expect this as a perfect world but it never gets better.


prince ondore

not so long update

Posted on 2009.07.20 at 22:26
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
I wanted to write something long but find myself stuck and tired. Lately, I’m a little tight with my money because nowadays it’s not easy to get a decent work.


Well, sleep is nice.

hanagumi shock

Hello. I'm on Twitter.

Posted on 2009.07.17 at 20:47


I also have a facebook but it's empty.

prince ondore

more quizzes..

Posted on 2007.05.22 at 10:53

You Are a Auditory Learner

You tend to remember what you hear, and you have a knack for speaking well.

You excel at debating, foreign languages, and music.

You would be an excellent diplomat - or rock star!

What's Your Learning Style?

Read more...Collapse )

prince ondore


Posted on 2007.05.22 at 10:26

You Are 50% Borderline

You have some symptoms of borderline personality disorder.

If you feel like you're more than a little dramatic, you may want to investigate further.

Do You Have a Borderline Personality?

Read more...Collapse )

prince ondore


Posted on 2006.08.06 at 17:29
You Are The Lovers

You represent ideal love: innocence, trust, exhilaration and joy.
You demonstrate the harmony of opposites, two sides coming together.
At times, you also represent the struggle between what is right and what is tempting.
Control is an issue for you, especially when you don't know your reasons for choosing something.

Your fortune:

You have an important choice you need to make about love, and it will be a difficult choice to make.
You are likely struggling between the love you crave and the love that is right.
In the end, you will choose what you crave, even if it's bad for you.
Because without what you crave, you will feel empty and incomplete.
What Tarot Card Are You?

prince ondore


Posted on 2006.07.13 at 18:00
You Are 4% Sociopath

You're empathetic, loyal, and introspective.
In other words, there's no way you're a sociopath... but you can spot one pretty easily!
Are You A Sociopath?

sei give thanks

my comp f*cked up pretty bad.

Posted on 2006.06.08 at 04:54
so guys, what did I miss? (apparently being away for months... I know you missed me.. no?? well.. I hate myself too.)

hanagumi shock

HELLO! and goodbye... for a while.

Posted on 2006.02.20 at 14:02
It’s been a long time since I’ve written something here. There are lots of distractions going on in my life like Battle Realms, barhopping, anime marathons (oh god.. they are showing Maria-sama ga miteru every Saturday mornings in the local channel) and sticking my nose in forums. I hardly had any time to write or visit even DA. (Maybe part of being me is getting hooked with these distractions.) So before I forget.. how are you doing guys? I hope you’re all doing well at the other side of the world. I’m just waving my arms for you to know I’m not yet dead.

If you wish to get more of my presence you can e-mail me at dilly_redflame@yahoo.com or dillian_09@yahoo.com I’ll make sure to look on them. (just don’t send spams and malicious mails)

No, I’m not advertising…. -__-

prince ondore
Posted on 2005.12.25 at 19:25
Merry Christmas! :)

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