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prince ondore

Hate in the Internet

Posted on 2009.08.10 at 20:41
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All of us of course at least hated something or someone. Whether it be a thought, the commercial on tv, your neighbor, your mother-in-law, the war, your shirt, your president, the economy or the speck of dust in your window. I think it’s normal to hate something in a certain degree but I wish some people should keep it for themselves especially if it is just a matter of preference, or if they can’t, they should at least be polite or discreet about it.

We are entitled to our opinion but sometimes we forget that being rude is not a way to address our thoughts. I’ve seen and heard people do and say nasty things to each other just because they have dissimilar tastes, like say, in movies or songs.

Why is there so much hate amplified? Especially in the internet. I’m just glad that most of the people who spend their time spreading hate are wimps in real life. ( I’ve seen people who talk big in the internet but are too shy in person.) Have you ever imagined if all the unfit things we think of happen in real life?

Hate incites anger. Anger is a human emotion that makes us uncontrolled and deaf to reasoning. It gives us the power to commit violence and hurt others. It also gives a reason for war to happen. I think anyone knows this. . . but I was just saying.

But truth be told that most people show their true colors in the anonymity of the internet. They spread their indifferent opinions about a topic or so, calling each other names. A small nonsensical joke becomes a topic of insults. Flaming becomes a form of hobby. Trolls can be seen here and there waiting for others to bite and fight. Some people are amused to see people spew hate words, cusses and curses. What’s wrong with you?

These are the reasons why we can’t have nice things.

I never expect this as a perfect world but it never gets better.



Chillin' with the Giggle Cat
ninjanao at 2009-08-10 18:36 (UTC) (Link)
you said it... most of the 'haters' online are whimps IRL. They don't have the courage to do anything face to face, so then sit around with nothing better in life than to bash anything that they come across and troll the internet. Online with no face, no identity they are 'supermen/women'
kuassary at 2009-08-11 14:39 (UTC) (Link)
it's true that the internet is the mirror of humanity. it reflects our true soul.
i like crispy ones with cheese dips ♥
takeoutfries at 2009-08-24 14:04 (UTC) (Link)
IDK where to put an intro comment, but anyway, it's me, Tashy. :D
I remember making my LJ in 2006 and then leaving it stagnant, lol. XD Then I got into certain fandoms and made another account because my old journal was too messy to manage.

... lol, I'm rambling again. XDD

Anyway, on topic:
I've had my fair share of the guilt with um, unnecessary hate. My current fandom especially provokes such, haha. XD I don't think I'll be doing it again, but the guilty pleasure of bashing someone anonymously on a hate meme had me grinning from ear to ear--okay, wait, that sounded freaky. XD

I think I'm more vocal when talking to people on the internet rather than in RL (well, with the exception of friends of course). I get to throw friendly insults at random people without being too conscious.

I never cuss though, even on the internet. *shrug*
kuassary at 2009-08-24 14:36 (UTC) (Link)
A big part of my initial "life" in the internet is documented in LJ so this place has a sentimental value for me... though because of many things that involved my sanity I went awol for about 3 years and focused my attention in deviantart.

Like you said, it also gave me the outlet to express my innermost feelings. I popped in from forums in every corner. It seems natural to retaliate to things that makes you uncomfortable. So who could stop you from saying yours? :D

Back in the day, there were only few people who roam around the cyberspace and those were the good ol' days. Healthy debates and insightful conversations are highly appreciated and are well delivered by people. Today, there is a rise of users who aren't responsible enough to hold their own words. Internet became an outlet of hate. It multiplied so fast it's starting to affect the young ones who are just new to the interwebs.

The internet holds no boundaries especially the knowledge that we are all anonymous if we want to. It's a great thing but it is also scary. It gives us freedom and that means to do good and the not so good.

hahah, anyway, sorry if it sounds so preachy.
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